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Plus Kitchen, Istanbul

Our new find is the Plus Kitchen Café in Akasya Shopping Mall (on the Anatolian side of Istanbul), a relatively new addition to Istanbul’s ever growing shopping malls.  Founders of Plus Kitchen Cafés promise an environmentally ...

Aşşk Café in Nişantaşı, Istanbul

If you happen to be in Nişantaşı, İstanbul’s most fashionable, high end shopping district and you are looking for a place to take a coffee break, meet your friends for afternoon tea or to have a relaxed and informal lunch, an o...


Café 90’lar, Istanbul

There are several cafes  along the Fetva Hill, just five minutes walk from the magnificent Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul. One of these, Cafe 90’lar (means Cafe 90s) is one of my favourite cafes in Istanbul. Its breath taking v...

R.E.A.D Café & Bakery at Grand Tarabya Hotel, Istanbul

Tarabya (or Therapiá as it was once called) is a neighbourhood located on the European shoreline of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Due to microclimate, believed to be therapeutical especially in the summer, these shores were where ...


Pages Café, Istanbul

  Just across the grand Chora Museum in Istanbul’s 8500 year old Fatih district, there is a narrow dead-end. The buildings on this street are old and monochrome, but the second to last one is freshly painted green. It carr...

Café MOC, Istanbul

MOC (Ministry of Coffee), is a spacious coffee shop in Istanbul’s Nişantaşı, a posh residential area and one of the best shopping districts offering an excellent choice of international and local designer labels . Although ther...


Minoa Café & Bookstore, Istanbul

Literature lovers and bookworms in Istanbul, are you looking for a spot for working, reading, studying, having breakfast, lunch or a decent cup of coffee? Minoa, an independent bookstore & café in Akaretler, is the place to...

Café Lumiere, Istanbul

Almost hidden on a narrow, cobbled street in Cihangir, Café Lumiere looks like a small coffee shop from outside. A pleasant surprise awaits you though, once you pass through the unassuming narrow door and enter the café through...


Hane Café & Library, Ayvalık

Hane (means dwelling in Turkish) is a magnificent book café in Ayvalık, a seaside town on the north-western Aegean coast of Turkey. The town is surrounded by the archipelago of Ayvalik Islands, which face the nearby Greek islan...

Café Fil, Istanbul

Café Fil (Fil means Elephant in Turkish) is in Tophane – Karaköy triangle, Istanbul’s coolest new hotspot. Once a thriving port, this large part of the inner city area declined in the 20th century and became a decrepit place of...