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Tartuffe – Jean Baptiste Molière

Tartuffe – Jean Baptiste Molière – 1664 Reviewed by: Lale I would love to see Tartuffe on stage. I can imagine how hilarious it would be. There are a couple of scenes so comical that even on paper they look very fun...

The School for Wives – Jean Baptiste Molière

The School for Wives – Jean Baptiste Molière – 1662 Reviewed by: Lale Arnolphe! Even in the 17th century nobody should be so out-of-touch! And you Horace! Your recounts of your love life to Arnolphe make Monica Lewi...


The Hypochondriac -Jean Baptiste Molière

The Hypochondriac – Jean Baptiste Molière – 1673 Reviewed by: Lale The Hypochondriac is my favourite Molière play. I recommend this play to anyone who is or has ever been ill (real or imaginary). Argan loves to be s...

The Miser – Jean Baptiste Molière

The Miser – Jean Baptiste Molière – 1668 Reviewed by: Lale The Miser (l’avare) is about a stingy, greedy, miserable man who cannot love anything other than money, not even his own children. But that doesn̵...


The Misanthrope – Jean Baptiste Molière

The Misanthrope – Jean Baptiste Molière – 1666 Reviewed by: Lale The Misanthrope starts with an amusing clash of two friends which reveals, with no room for mistake, the personality and philosophy of Alceste, the mi...