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Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Keloğlan

Onur from Istanbul. ‘I am Onur. I like reading Bald Boy, because it amuses me.’ Visit us on Youtube: ReadLit Youtube Channel


Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Sol Ayağım (My Left Foot) – Christy Brown

Zeynep Istanbul’da yasiyor. Zeynep lives in Istanbul. ‘I am Zeynep. I read My Left Foot because this book tells us we have to be more determined in life.’ Visit us on Youtube: ReadLit Youtube Channel

Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Saftirik Greg (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) – Jeff Kinney

Kerem lives in İstanbul. Kerem İstanbul’da yaşıyor. ‘Hello, my name is Kerem. I like comic and action books, because they may expand our mind and vocabulary. We can make our friends laugh and at the same time make good fr...


Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri

Tuna İstanbul’da yaşıyor. Tuna lives in İstanbul. ‘My name is Tuna. I like comic and action books. I like them because they are always funny. They may say ‘wipe your bottom’ or sometimes they may use naughty words. I am n...

Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Zihinmatik Serisi – Mahmut Bitim

Irem 8 yasinda, Istanbul’da yasiyor. 8 year old Irem lives in Istanbul. ‘Hello, I am Irem. I am in third grade and 8 years old. I like reading Zihinmatik books, because they expand our imagination and they are informative too. ...


Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Momo – Michael Ende & Lost in a Map – Vladimir Tumanov

Elif 10 yasinda, Istanbul’da yasiyor. 10 year old Elif lives in Istanbul. “My favourite book is Momo by Michael Ende. I was very impressed by how all the characters in this book solved their problems. All the characters w...

Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Define Bahçesi & Kuşumu Kim Kışkışladı & Gırrr!

Volkan 6 yaşında, Istanbul’da yaşıyor.  6 year old Volkan lives in Istanbul. “Hello, here is my most favourite books.  The print is like handwriting.  Some of the covers are in normal print but inside it is like handwriting.  L...


Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Sihirli Krallık (Secret Kingdom) – Rosie Banks

Zeynep 9 yasinda, Istanbul’da yasiyor. 9 year old Zeynep lives in Istanbul. “Hello, my name is Zeynep, I was born in 2007 and these here are my favourite books. I like Secret Kingdom series. I prefer books about princesse...

Harry Potter – J. K. Rowling

We wish to share the opening lines of Vanessa Compagnone's article titled "The Puzzling World of Harry Potter". This interesting article explores the puzzles embedded in the Harry Potter novels. Compagnone's article starts by s...