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The Ambassadors – Henry James

In this complex tale of self-discovery, Henry James traces the path of an old idealist, Lambert Strether, who arrives in Paris intending to persuade his young charge to abandon an obsession with a French woman and return home. ...

The Turn of the Screw – Henry James

The Turn of the Screw – Henry James – 1898 Posted by Joffre on 16/6/2013, 16:24:41 After reading The Beckoning Fair One, which I found okay, I read a book called How to Read Literature by Terry Eagleton. I found tha...


The Portrait of a Lady – Henry James

It seems that the "American vs. European character" was THE theme for James. It certainly is a very relevant subject, since it studies the cultural evolution of two branches of originally European culture.

The Golden Bowl – Henry James

The Golden Bowl – Henry James – 1904 Posted by Sterling on 23/9/2014, 23:29:54 After six weeks or so, I’ve finally finished The Golden Bowl. It was, I regret to say, quite a disappointment. I found James’...