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Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel – 2009 Posted by guillermo maynez on 11/6/2012, 13:39:29 When I was a kid (13-14) I had to spend a couple of weeks at the house of some elderly and spinster aunts in the town of Irapuato, i...

The Witches of Eastwick-John Updike

The Witches of Eastwick – John Updike – 1984 Posted by Joffre on 29/12/2014, 11:44:35 I finished up TWoE. It was one of the more enjoyable things I’ve read lately. Their games of tennis were amusing. There wer...


Utopia-Sir Thomas More

Utopia – Sir Thomas More – 1516 Posted by Steven on 1/11/2013, 12:11:19 Here is my review of Utopia, followed by some random thoughts on More’s Utopia compared to Plato’s Republic. In a separate post I&#...

Under Western Eyes- Joseph Conrad

Under Western Eyes – Joseph Conrad – 1911 Posted by Guillermo Maynez on 16/3/2013, 11:12:57 All of the works by Conrad that I’ve read are emotionally charged, not in a melodramatic way, but in a tense way. Ten...


The Turn of the Screw – Henry James

The Turn of the Screw – Henry James – 1898 Posted by Joffre on 16/6/2013, 16:24:41 After reading The Beckoning Fair One, which I found okay, I read a book called How to Read Literature by Terry Eagleton. I found tha...

The Tunnel – Ernesto Sábato

The Tunnel – Ernesto Sábato – 1948 Posted by Steven on 3/12/2012, 19:56:40 I just finished it today too. It bugs me that it kept reminding me of something else I had read, but I couldn’t remember what. Of cour...


The Sisters Brothers- Patrick deWitt

The Sisters Brothers – Patrick deWitt – 2011 Posted by guillermo maynez User on 18/9/2013, 13:52:44 Thanks Lale for this wonderful recommendation that I surely would have otherwise missed. I enjoyed this tale a lot....

The Prague Cemetery – Umberto Eco

The Prague Cemetery – Umberto Eco – 2010 Posted by Sterling on 12/10/2012, 22:51:01, Actually, I don’t know if I’m going to reveal any spoilers or not. At the moment I have some random thoughts that do n...


The Tapestries – Kien Nguyen

The Tapestries – Kien Nguyen – 2003 Posted by guillermo maynez on 22/7/2014, 13:21:20 Following several of your recommendations on books about Vietnam / Cambodia / Laos, I have recently read “The Tapestries...

A Suitable Boy- Vikram Seth

A Suitable Boy – Vikram Seth – 1993 Posted by Steven on 18/4/2009, 21:37:30 Here is an unexpected link between one of our novels and today’s news: A Suitable Boy is set in India shortly after its independence ...