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Nasreddin Hodja Stories

Nasreddin Hodja, Shrewd and Silly Nasreddin Hodja (Hoca) is a 13th century Turkish personage who is believed to have lived in Akşehir in south-central Turkey. About 400 handwritten manuscripts that narrate anecdotes demonstrati...

Glossary for Nasreddin Hodja Articles

Akçe: Old monetary unit of Turkey, a small silver coin valued at one third of a para (see para). Akşehir: Nasreddin Hodja is believed to have lived in Akşehir (township of Konya, central Anatolia) which hosts his mausoleum toda...


Young Muezzin

One day a young muezzin with an awful voice was trying to chant the prayers’ call from the tiny balcony located at the very top of the minaret. He was wailing and shrieking so badly that it didn’t sound like the inv...


An acquaintance asked Nasreddin Hodja to act as a witness in a court case and lie on his behalf in front of the kadı. The man insisted so much that, at the end, the Hodja agreed to back him up in court. When the suit came befor...


Two Onion Stalks

Nasreddin Hodja planted two onion bulbs; one, he said, was for himself, and the other was for Allah. All the onions from Allah’s stalk were to be given to the poor. Some time passed and the bulbs grew into two stalks. One...

The Power of the Turban

A Persian resident of Akşehir received a letter from his relatives in Esfahan. Since he was illiterate, he brought the letter to Nasreddin Hodja to read for him. But the Hodja didn’t know Persian. “This is written in Pers...


Tax Collector

One day, the tax collector of Akşehir and surrounding towns fell into the river. Since he didn’t know how to swim, he was about to drown. The villagers gathered by the river bank to save him. “Give me your hand, give me y...

Scientific Meeting

A foreign scholar and his entourage were passing through Akşehir. The scholar asked to speak with the town’s most knowledgeable person. Of course, the townsfolk immediately called Nasreddin Hodja. The foreign savant didn&...


Minaret’s Case

Nasreddin Hodja was the imam at the time. One day, the people of Akşehir saw the Hodja tying a rope around the minaret of the mosque, and fastening it to the trunk of a large tree. “Hodja Efendi, what are you doing?” they asked...


One day Nasreddin Hodja had to send his son to the fountain to fill up their big earthenware water pitcher. After handing the pitcher to his son, Hodja slapped him on the face. “Don’t break the pitcher!”he said. People ar...