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Old Moons

One day Nasreddin Hodja and a friend were admiring the sky. “Look!” said the Hodja, “there is a new moon.” “Hodja Efendi,” asked the friend, “what do they do with the old moons?” “They chop them up and turn them into stars!” © ...

Novice Barber

One day the Hodja went to the barber to get a nice clean shave. As his luck would have it, the experienced barber was not in that day, instead there was the young apprentice. Nasreddin Hodja was not reassured by the sight of th...



Nasreddin Hodja was the imam at the time and he was giving a sermon. The topic was women’s make-up. The Hodja was advising the all-male congregation never to let their wives paint their faces. “It is evil and wicked! It is impu...


One day a friend asked Nasreddin Hodja to lend him some money. “Hodja, I am a little hard up,” he said, “can you lend me some money with interest?” “I don’t have any cash,’ the Hodja replied, “but I can lend you as ...


In Arabic

In Arabic Nasreddin Hodja had just arrived from his trip to Arabia. All neighbours and friends gathered in the Hodja’s house to welcome him and to listen to the adventures of his voyage. “Hodja Efendi, did you learn any A...

Distributing Grapes

One day the Hodja was walking home with a basket of grapes in his arm. When the neighbourhood children saw the grapes, they asked for some. Hodja gave each one of them a small cluster of grapes. When the children complained tha...


Cow Ruined the Vegetable Garden

Nasreddin Hodja was the kadı of the time. One day a neighbour came to confer with him. “Hodja Effendi, it appears that your cow has entered into our vegetable garden and caused considerable damage to the vegetables. What does y...

Building a Minaret

Nasreddin Hodja was travelling to Konya. On the road, he met an acquaintance from a nearby village who was also going to Konya. The two of them continued their journey together. As they approached Konya, the magnificent mosques...


Difficult Case

Nasreddin Hodja was named the kadı of Akşehir. One day, two men with a dispute came to him and asked him to resolve their conflict. The Hodja listened to the plaintiff first. “You are right!” he said when the plaintiff complete...

A Cupful of Vinegar

Word got out that Nasreddin Hodja possessed a jar full of vinegar that was forty years old. One day a neighbour came knocking on the door. “Hodja Efendi, is it really true that you have a jar full of forty-year-old vinegar?” “I...