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Fur Coat

One day the Hodja was invited to a feast in an important and wealthy family’s home. When he arrived, neither the hosts, nor the other guests paid any attention to him. They made him sit at the corner of the table. They di...

Full House

One of Nasreddin Hodja’s neighbours asked the Hodja for some advice on how to manage his large family in his tiny little house. “Hodja Efendi,” he lamented, “our quarters are so small, we can’t all fit in. My wife a...



Nasreddin Hodja owed some money to the grocer. One day the grocer asked for his money. “How much is it that I owe you?”asked the Hodja. “31 akçe,”said the grocer. “Does the Mukhtar owe you money too?” “Yes, Hodja Efendi, he owe...


One day the Hodja and his wife were eating dates. Hodja’s wife noticed that the Hodja was eating the dates with their seeds. “Hodja Efendi, why are you eating the dates with their seeds?” she asked. “Because when the groc...


Caught in a Lie

One day a neighbour asked Nasreddin Hodja if he could borrow his donkey. “Hodja Efendi,” he said, “we need a donkey for a few hours. Could I take yours?” “I would gladly lend you my donkey, my neighbour,” the Hodja started his ...

Big Spoon versus Small Spoon

One day the Hodja and a couple of other people were invited for dinner to an acquaintance’s home. It was a hot summer evening. The host brought to the table a large bowl of ice-cold cherry compote. He took a spoon as big ...


How to Ride a Donkey

One day Nasreddin Hodja and his young son were on their way to the market. The Hodja was riding his donkey and his son was walking beside him. As they travelled such, they heard a couple of villagers who happened to be passing ...


One of the wealthy men of Akşehir invited Nasreddin Hodja over to his house for supper, and they set a date. However, on the planned day, the rich man had a change of heart. When the Hodja arrived at his house and knocked on th...



One day the Hodja and his friends were chatting in the coffee house. The topic was food. They were trading recipes, reminiscing how one dish was heavenly and yet another was so exquisite that it made you eat your fingers with i...

Quail Feast

One day the Hodja invited his friends over for dinner. He told them that he was going to prepare a meal with roasted quails. Nasreddin Hodja’s friends, in their unceasing quest to baffle him, thought of a prank and came t...