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Minoa Café & Bookstore, Istanbul

Literature lovers and bookworms in Istanbul, are you looking for a spot for working, reading, studying, having breakfast, lunch or a decent cup of coffee? Minoa, an independent bookstore & café in Akaretler, is the place to...

Café Fil, Istanbul

Café Fil (Fil means Elephant in Turkish) is in Tophane – Karaköy triangle, Istanbul’s coolest new hotspot. Once a thriving port, this large part of the inner city area declined in the 20th century and became a decrepit place of...


Antilop Café & Brasserie, Zekeriyaköy, Istanbul

Zekeriyaköy (köy means village in Turkish) is an effluent suburb on the European side of Istanbul. It is one of the few areas, which can still offer a relatively quiet village life despite its close location to the city’s main ...