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Austerlitz W.G. – Sebald

Discussion of Austerlitz (finally) Posted by Anna van Gelderen on 12/12/2002, 12:11:19 Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. I am swamped with work (the usual End-of-Year-Rush has struck again) and when I get home in the e...

In Dubious Battle – John Steinbeck

In Dubious Battle – John Steinbeck – 1936 Posted by Dave on 3/1/2003, 7:08:42 This evening I sit here by candlelight and think about the book. I will kick off this discussion now, and if any have not yet finished th...


The Golem – Gustav Meyrink

The Golem – Gustav Meyrink – 1913 Posted by Guillermo Maynez on 7/3/2003, 11:24:59 Of all the books we have read so far (the ones I have read, at least), this has been the most difficult to categorize or to comment ...

Shipwrecks – Akira Yoshimura

Shipwrecks – Akira  Yoshimura – 2000 Posted by Hanh on 21/3/2003, 21:50:57 I don’t know much about Japanese literature, having only read a few Mishima books (Andrew’s timely joining of our club is Fate s...


The Beggar – Naguib Mahfouz

The Beggar –  Naguib Mahfouz – 1965 Posted by moana on 1/7/2003, 7:25:58 As promised, a post from a state of not-quite-complete lucidity ;). So, The Beggar! by Naguib Mahfouz. I picked this book out because of a rec...

Zeno’s Conscience – Italo Svevo

Zeno’s Conscience – Italo Svevo – 1923 Posted by Rizwan on 5/8/2003, 17:46:27 Thank heavens for James Joyce. As if his gifts of Stephen Deadalus, Leopold Bloom and Molly Bloom were not enough, Joyce also helpe...


Memoirs of Hadrian – Marguerite Yourcenar

Memoirs of Hadrian – Marguerite Yourcenar – 1951 Posted by Guillermo Maynez on 3/9/2003, 2:28:47 OK, here I go. I finished the book a couple of weeks ago, ages before I thought I’d do, and so I hope I’m ...

The Inspector General – Nikolai Gogol

The Inspector General – Nikolai Gogol – 1836 Posted by Andrew on 9/10/2003, 20:02:59 First of all let me apologize for being so late in putting together an intro for the discussion on The Inspector General. Punctual...


The Dream of Scipio – Iain Pears

Manlius Hippomanes: a community leader desperately witnessing the destruction of the greatest empire the world had ever known, Rome. What should Manlius do? Fight a lost battle just for the sake of honor? Negotiate with the bar...

Main Street – Sinclair Lewis

Carol Milford, an enlightened, beautiful, and young woman gets married. She thinks she is marrying Dr. Kennicott, she doesn't know that she is also marrying his town, Gopher Prairie. She tries to love the town and tries hard. ...