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The Nigger of the Narcissus – Joseph Conrad

One of the best and most terrifying descriptions of a storm at sea. Incredible metaphors and mastery of the use of language.

Victory: An Island Tale- Joseph Conrad

Victory: An Island Tale – Joseph Conrad – 1915 Reviewed by: Dave         Date: 5 December 2001  This is an exquisite novel. The bulk of the story takes place on the near-deserted Indonesian island of Samburan, where...


The Secret Agent – Joseph Conrad

The Secret Agent – Joseph Conrad – 1907 Reviewed by: Guillermo Maynez       Date: 11 September 2002 It is certainly a very good novel, the one that introduced me to Conrad, and glad it did. In this era of totally cr...

Heart of Darkness- Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad – 1899   Reviewed by: Faik Genç        Date: 11 October 2004 A fantastic book by a great writer. So much can be described in so few number of pages, a very short book for a col...


Lord Jim- Joseph Conrad

Lord Jim – Joseph Conrad – 1900 Reviewed by: Pete C.        Date: 1 July 2004 I think this is one of Conrad’s finest novels, on the same level as Nostromo (I should let it be known that, unlike most people, I ...

Nostromo- Joseph Conrad

Nostromo – Joseph Conrad – 1904 Reviewed by: Guillermo Máynez Gil  Sharing that characteristic with other authors such as Herman Melville, Conrad was a sailor who travelled around the world and had many adventures. ...


Under Western Eyes- Joseph Conrad

Under Western Eyes – Joseph Conrad – 1911 Posted by Guillermo Maynez on 16/3/2013, 11:12:57 All of the works by Conrad that I’ve read are emotionally charged, not in a melodramatic way, but in a tense way. Ten...