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Minoa Café & Bookstore, Istanbul

Literature lovers and bookworms in Istanbul, are you looking for a spot for working, reading, studying, having breakfast, lunch or a decent cup of coffee? Minoa, an independent bookstore & café in Akaretler, is the place to...

Hane Café & Library, Ayvalık

Hane (means dwelling in Turkish) is a magnificent book café in Ayvalık, a seaside town on the north-western Aegean coast of Turkey. The town is surrounded by the archipelago of Ayvalik Islands, which face the nearby Greek islan...


Antilop Café & Brasserie, Zekeriyaköy, Istanbul

Zekeriyaköy (köy means village in Turkish) is an effluent suburb on the European side of Istanbul. It is one of the few areas, which can still offer a relatively quiet village life despite its close location to the city’s main ...

Cafe Wintergarten in Literaturhaus, Berlin

Café Wintergarten’s charming atmosphere comes from the interesting interior décor, which successfully combines the historic ambience of the century old villa with modern facilities. The beautiful Wilhelminian style villa was bu...