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Animal Farm – George Orwell



Posted August 30, 2016 by


Animal Farm – George Orwell – 1945


Reviewed by: Steven Katona         Date: 9 February 2005

A must read for educated elites. This book is more than animals on a farm and little I wonder how Orwell prophecies are coming true even as we speak! One wonders why one eats the apples while the others eat potatos? In Animal Farm the animals take over and re-organize society into a new ‘collective’ with Snowball and Napoleon as the ‘pig’ heros, saving the animals from slaughter. This book is on many levels and one must be aware of the satire and usage of metaphors as they combine to bring enlightment in a Marxist theme. There’s a movie for this one which they used real animals and it’s the best one I’ve seen yet. If you only have two hours instead of two or three days, then the movie is the best one to pick. Re-creating a book through cinema is sometimes tough but this is actually the best way to see the ‘book’. Anyway, this is required reading for highschool kids in Canada. A must read! This one classifies higher than Plato’s Cave analogy. So it’s my duty to tell you to read this book!

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