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Caught in a Lie


Posted June 21, 2017 by

One day a neighbour asked Nasreddin Hodja if he could borrow his donkey. “Hodja Efendi,” he said, “we need a donkey for a few hours. Could I take yours?”

“I would gladly lend you my donkey, my neighbour,” the Hodja started his excuse, “but he is not here.” Just at that moment the donkey’s loud and long bray is heard from the shed.

“Shame on you Hodja Efendi,” said the neighbour, “you are caught in a lie, your donkey is braying in the shed.”

“My good neighbour,” Nasreddin Hodja was unrepentant, “are you going to believe the word of a Hodja or are you going to believe a donkey?”


© 2001 Lale Eskicioglu


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