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Posted June 21, 2017 by

Nasreddin Hodja owed some money to the grocer. One day the grocer asked for his money.

“How much is it that I owe you?”asked the Hodja.

“31 akçe,”said the grocer.

“Does the Mukhtar owe you money too?”

“Yes, Hodja Efendi, he owes 25 akçe.”

“Mukhtar Efendi and I are good friends,”Hodja started to explain.“Don’t worry, between the two of us, we will pay that 25 akçe. Therefore, what is left of my debt? 6 akçe. So then, you pay me that remaining 6 akçe and we are even.’


© 2001 Lale Eskicioglu

ReadLit Team