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A woodman was carrying a sack full of chopped wood on his back. His basket was heavy and filled beyond its limit. The man, bent under his bulky burden, was struggling not to drop any of the wood pieces as he walked. However, th...

Naughty Boy

One day the Hodja bought a donkey at the market place. He held his new donkey by its halter and started to walk towards home, pulling the donkey behind. Two rogue teenagers saw the Hodja and his donkey, and decided to play a tr...


Hard Cash

Nasreddin Hodja owed some money to a neighbour. The neighbour had asked for his money numerous times to no avail. One day he was at the Hodja’s door again. “Hodja Effendi, when are you going to pay my money back?” “Look!”...

Donkey on Fire

One day the Hodja collected sprigs and twigs in the woods, and tied them into a bundle. He was going to use them as fire wood in his home. After he finished loading his donkey, he started to doubt if these useless branches were...


Candle Light

One day the Hodja and his friends made a bet. Nasreddin Hodja was going to stay outside all night long and endure the chilly October cold without a coat or a fire. If the Hodja could bear the cold without cheating, then his fri...


Nasreddin Hodja had borrowed a cauldron from his neighbour. When he didn’t return it for a long time, the neighbour came knocking on the door. “Hodja Effendi, if you are finished with the cauldron could I take it back? Th...


On the Roof

Nasreddin Hodja’s aged house had a leaking roof. One day the Hodja decided to fix it. He borrowed a ladder and with great difficulty climbed up to the roof. Just as he was setting off to work, he heard a knock on the door...

Bread and Yogurt

One day the Hodja had 10 para to buy himself lunch with. He first went into the bakery, handed 5 para over to the baker and asked for a loaf of bread. As the baker gave Hodja the bread he asked for his money. “I just paid you,”...


Delicious Stew

One day Nasreddin Hodja bought 2 kilograms of mutton from the neighbourhood butcher. He brought the meat home and asked his wife to cook a real nice stew for dinner. Having thus secured the evening meal, he happily headed off t...


One day Nasreddin Hodja was walking on the street when a total stranger came up to him and slapped him on the back of his neck. The Hodja demanded some kind of rectification. But the man was unapologetic. He had thought the Hod...