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Minaret’s Case


Posted June 21, 2017 by

Nasreddin Hodja was the imam at the time. One day, the people of Akşehir saw the Hodja tying a rope around the minaret of the mosque, and fastening it to the trunk of a large tree.

“Hodja Efendi, what are you doing?” they asked, totally baffled.

“I am securing the minaret,” the Hodja said, “so that nobody can steal it overnight.” The passers by were incredulous. They tried to reason with the Hodja.

“Hodja Efendi, if someone stole the minaret, where would he put it?”

“One who steals a minaret, prepares its case!”

© 2001 Lale Eskicioglu


Note: This story is the origin of the Turkish proverb “minareyi çalan kılıfını hazırlar” (one who steals a minaret, prepares its case), cited to mean “if you are going to commit a crime you must think of its consequences ahead of time” or “if you are going to undertake a big project, you must plan it well”.

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