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Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Saftirik Greg (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) – Jeff Kinney




Posted October 7, 2016 by

Kerem lives in İstanbul. Kerem İstanbul’da yaşıyor.

‘Hello, my name is Kerem. I like comic and action books, because they may expand our mind and vocabulary. We can make our friends laugh and at the same time make good friends too. I like them because I love the fascinating things such as flying in action books. For example, in the book I read now, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the boy says ‘come and wipe my bottom’ to his elderly brother. There are a lot of comical things in these books. As they laugh, people can refresh their future. That is why I love these books. Thank you.’

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