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The School for Wives – Jean Baptiste Molière




Posted September 2, 2016 by

The School for Wives – Jean Baptiste Molière – 1662

Reviewed by: Lale

Arnolphe! Even in the 17th century nobody should be so out-of-touch! And you Horace! Your recounts of your love life to Arnolphe make Monica Lewinsky’s confessions to Linda Tripp look like a good idea. Where is discretion my friend?

Arnolphe is a rich old man -just like every other main character in Molière’s plays- who is obsessed with not becoming a “cuckold”, finds an orphan girl, and with the determination to create a perfect wife for himself, has her raised up by nuns without any real life training or guidance. She is deliberately kept ignorant. When she comes of age, Arnolphe wants to marry her. Alas, not even the witch was able to keep Rapunzel out of sight for too long. Horace catches a glimpse of beautiful Agnes and ruins Arnolphe’s plans.

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