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Tartuffe – Jean Baptiste Molière



Posted September 2, 2016 by

Tartuffe – Jean Baptiste Molière – 1664

Reviewed by: Lale

I would love to see Tartuffe on stage. I can imagine how hilarious it would be. There are a couple of scenes so comical that even on paper they look very funny. This is one of Molière’s more famous and important plays because in the age when religious hypocrisy was ripe, Tartuffe made a successful exposé of it.

The only problem with this play is that the character Tartuffe so overplays the religion card that he doesn’t so much come across as a hypocrite but more of a true-to-God swindler. I believe, with some subtlety the hypocrisy theme could be better presented. But, who am I to second guess Molière, RIP, the great man who now sleeps side by side with his buddy, La Fontaine, another great satirist, in Père Lachaise cemetery:

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