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Café Fil, Istanbul

Café Fil (Fil means Elephant in Turkish) is in Tophane – Karaköy triangle, Istanbul’s coolest new hotspot. Once a thriving port, this large part of the inner city area declined in the 20th century and became a decrepit place of...

Café Atölye Kafası ‘Hangar’, Istanbul

Once a melting pot of diverse cultures of Jewish, Greek, Armenian, Christian and Muslim peoples of the Ottoman empire, Balat and Fener neigbourhoods of Istanbul have largely lost their multi-cultural character during the 20th c...


Antilop Café & Brasserie, Zekeriyaköy, Istanbul

Zekeriyaköy (köy means village in Turkish) is an effluent suburb on the European side of Istanbul. It is one of the few areas, which can still offer a relatively quiet village life despite its close location to the city’s main ...

Cafe Wintergarten in Literaturhaus, Berlin

Café Wintergarten’s charming atmosphere comes from the interesting interior décor, which successfully combines the historic ambience of the century old villa with modern facilities. The beautiful Wilhelminian style villa was bu...