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A Hero of Our Time – Mikhail Lermontov



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A Hero of Our Time – Mikhail Lermontov – 1840

Reviewed by: Ekaterina Mamyshev      Date: 23 July 2003


This is a characteristic work of Lermontov, having as its background theme freedom. However, it is more than that. It is different in that it describes the mentality and fate of a cynical man. I have to admit that I respect Lermontov but do not like him because of his over-obsession with freedom as a value above literally everything else (including friendship, honor and love). Moreover, I have to admit that if I did not have to read this book for Russian school I probably would have put it down pretty quickly. However, I was not sorry I read it once I had finished. It truly describes a hero of our time (strangely enough, Lermontov’s time as well as ours: that is probably why it is a classic) – the cynical man, the man that, sadly enough, does become the “hero” because he is the only one willing to think in society. However, it is much easier to destroy than to create, and as a result, the cynical man is left with…emptiness. This truly is a problem among intellectuals and it is important that they realize this. Therefore, while I did not think the author’s style was particularly interesting, I thank Lermontov for this thought.


Lermontov: Story of an audacious prankster

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