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Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Gizli Sırlar Öğretisi – Ergün Candan

Oğulcan studies Sociology in the University of Istanbul. “Hi, I am Oğulcan. I am studying Sociology in the University of Istanbul. I am currently reading Ergün Candan’s ‘Gizli Sırlar Öğretisi (Hidden Secrets Doctrine)’. The boo...

Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Günübirlik Hayatlar (Creatures of a Day) – Irvin D. Yalom

Müjde is a psychologist and lives in Istanbul. “Hi, I am Müjde. I studied Psychology. I recently read Irvin Yalom’s ‘Creatures of a Day’. Irvin Yalom is a psychiatrist and his book consists of actual psychotherapy cases. He use...


Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Dönüşüm (Metamorphosis) – Franz Kafka

22 years old Aslıhan from İstanbul studies Business Management. “Hi, my name is Aslı. I am 22 years old and studying Business Management. I recently read Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Although it is written in a very easy going ...

Kitap Tavsiyeleri: The Man Who Knew Too Much: Alan Turing & the Invention of the Computer – David Leavitt

Mathematician and avid reader Yüksel lives in Niagara, Canada. “Hello, I am Yüksel Ören. The last book I read is about Alan Turing’s life. As you know, Alan Turing is a very interesting mathematician. It is claimed that his wor...


Kitap Tavsiyeleri: İki Dirhem Bir Çekirdek – İskender Pala

Ayşe from Istanbul studies architecture. İstanbul’dan Ayşe mimarlık öğrencisi. “Hello, I am Ayşe. I study architecture. Last book I’ve read is ‘İki Dirhem Bir Çekirdek’ (‘Dressed up to Kill’) by İskender Pala. The book tells us...

Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Soneler (Sonnets) – Shakespeare

Ezgi from Istanbul is a student. Ezgi İstanbul’dan ve öğrenci. “Hello, I am Ezgi. I study tourism management. I’ve recently read William Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnets’, which includes 154 sonnets. The books gives us an insight into Wi...


Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Nefes Nefese (Last Train to Istanbul) – Ayşe Kulin

Gönül from Istanbul is a business analyst. Gönül İstanbul’dan ve iş analisti. “Hello, I am Gönül. I am a business analyst. The last book I’ve read is ‘Last Train to Istanbul’ by Ayşe Kulin (Ayşe Kulin’s ‘Nefes Nefese’). Ayşe Ku...

Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Divan (Lying on the Couch) – Irvin D. Yalom

Lāl studies law at King’s College, London. Lāl Londra’da King’s College’da hukuk okuyor. “Hi, I am Lāl. I am studying law at King’s College, London. Last book I’ve read is ‘Lying on the Couch’ by Irvin Yalom. The book is ...


Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Keloğlan

Onur from Istanbul. ‘I am Onur. I like reading Bald Boy, because it amuses me.’ Visit us on Youtube: ReadLit Youtube Channel

Çocuklardan Kitap Tavsiyeleri: Sol Ayağım (My Left Foot) – Christy Brown

Zeynep Istanbul’da yasiyor. Zeynep lives in Istanbul. ‘I am Zeynep. I read My Left Foot because this book tells us we have to be more determined in life.’ Visit us on Youtube: ReadLit Youtube Channel