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The Woman Who Walked into Doors – Roddy Doyle



Posted September 1, 2016 by

The Woman Who Walked into Doors – Roddy Doyle – 1996


Reviewed by: Linda        Date: 5 May 2002

womanintodoorsPaula is 39, an Irish widow with children, who sits at the table and recounts her life story. And what an ugly story it is. After an upbringing in a not very supportive family and an unsuccessful education, she meets and marries Charlo when she is still really a child. In the beginning Charlo is very charming, but you feel danger lurking in the background all the time. And then the beatings start, which rise in frequency and severity, but every time she finds a reason to forgive the man she still loves and (in her opinion) depends on. Until she sees him looking at their oldest daughter with this special, violent look…

It is book that made me want to cry for Paula when you could almost feel her bones breaking, cry out to Paula to DO something. When she finally takes her life into her own hands, a great feeling a relief washed over me. So a big compliment for Roddy Doyle.


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