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The Count of Monte-Cristo – Alexandre Dumas Père



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The Count of Monte-Cristo – Alexandre Dumas Père – 1844


Reviewed by: Liliana Rodriguez Maynez         Date: 15 April 2003

Great plot and great descriptions of the characters’ personalities. The novel is based on the feelings of revenge and justice, but it is also nicely put so that you feel you are reading just to be entertained. I loved the description of the Carnaval celebrations!


Reviewed by: James F. Welch         Date: 20 February 2003

This is a great adventure story, but it is also much more. It is very action-packed and plot-driven. The part where the hero, Edmund Dantes, is in prison in Marseilles is one of the most chilling narratives in literature. It was the closest thing to being in jail, without having to experience it personally, that I have ever read. Dumas captures the hero’s sense of despair and panic in a very real way. After his escape, Dantes seeks revenge against the people who framed him and got him put in jail. That is the heart of the story. How does one deal with a great injustice? Does revenge give our lives meaning? These are just a few of questions raised by this fascinating story. Also, it has great descriptions of Marseilles and Paris. Highly recommended


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