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Tatli Betüsh – Aziz Nesin




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Tatli Betüsh – Aziz Nesin – 1974

Reviewed by: Rasha Maleh         Date: 20 May 2005

This novel is almost an epic that tells us about all the faces and phases of a wild woman that has been rejected by her own society since her childhood.

The theme of the story revolves around a young man who searches for his missing relative that inherited a fortune from her immigrante uncle.

Through the search of this relative, the life of a mysterious woman starts to unfold gradually in front of the reader.

The aristocratic Turkish society during the thirties, called her at their best; a monster or devil though they were charmed if not stunned by her beauty. On the contrary the middle class and poor people sympathized with her and were able to see her inner beauty and generosity.

The rejected child turned into a vicious woman who used her beauty and intelligence to reach the highest level in society. She had no limit for herself, everything was possible if it suited her. She was involved either in smuggling goods from Europe or starting businesses for the men she cared about.

For her to marry a rich man or a prince; or to work as a prostitute for the top rank of the society; or to be a mistress, all meant the same to her. She expressed to one of her closest friends -almost at the end of the novel, that she didn’t care about money, commodity or passions, because she didn’t want to cling to anything in life. She knew that her destiny is to be lonely all her life and it would be better to get used to it.

Aziz Nesin exposed through the story of this woman, the hidden agenda of men and women mostly from the elite of any society.

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