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Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen



Posted August 12, 2016 by

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen – 1813


Reviewed by: Gretchen, 6 January 2005

One of Jane Austen’s most popular, and yet, misunderstood novels.

Despite her protests that this is a novel about romance, this remains one of the best and most read CHICK books around.

Actually, if one were to read the book prior to seeing the polished A&E version or older BBC version, one might be able to enjoy Austen’s insight into the tendency to blindness we all practice when it comes to those we love or those that make us somehow feel inferior.

Lizzie is touted as the most sensible of the handsome Bennet daughters, blind to her father’s covert contempt for her overwrought and over vulgar mother, her younger sisters’ foolishness, lack of character and discipline.

She unwittingly allows her mortified pride to blind her to their shortcomings when a handsome rich Mr. Darcy coolly points her and her family’s failings out during a rather well thought out marriage proposal.

It is only when Mr. Darcy opens his private life and past pains to her, and a family crisis looms, that she sees the ones she loves for what they are, Mr. Darcy for what he is and even reflects on her own prejudices and blindness.

It is a story about pride and humility, about prejudice and seeing the truth for what it is.

It provides excellent insight into human nature in the fishbowl-setting of a small English country village and truly the most quotable book outside of Shakespeare.

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