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Paradise of the Blind



Posted May 7, 2016 by

Paradise of the Blind – Dương Thu Hương – 1988

Posted by guillermo maynez on 26/8/2014, 11:34:43

I just finished reading this excellent novel by Vietnamese author (woman) Duong Thu Huong. It is set in the 1970’s and 80’s, in Hanoi and a relatively close village, as well as in Russia, where the narrator works as an “exported worker”. It is a heartbreaking story about a family divided by Communism, bigotry, and revenge. The translation seems to be very good, it never creaks or confuses. The main character-narrator is a lovable, imperfect, memorable character, as well as her aunt Tam. Food plays a very important role in the novel, as well as the slums of Hanoi and the cruelty of Communist rule. Highly recommended.


Posted by Steven on 29/8/2014, 12:36:09, in reply to “Paradise of the Blind”

I read it last year and enjoyed it. Some of the foods described were mouth-watering, but not the congealed duck’s blood.


paradise of the bline

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