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Just So Stories – Rudyard Kipling



Posted August 15, 2016 by

Just So Stories – Rudyard Kipling – 1902


Reviewed by: Hakan Haktanir      Date: 20 June 2003

JustSoMy conclusion is that this book is a collection of the dumbest little stories one could think of. I looked deep into the stories to see if there are any hidden messages in them. I came to the conclusion that there are no hidden messages or even moral lessons in them. The stories are simply stupid with lots of imagination being used. Although the imagination is creative in the sense that it tends to describe why things are the way they are by presenting explanations one would never think of, the stories themselves are absurd and not entertaining one bit.

Quite frankly I don’t give a crap how the camel got its hump or how the leopard got its spots unless I am presented with something a bit believable. If you give me a story saying an Ethiopian colored himself black and there was lots of black paint left, so he made the spots of the leopard with them, I’ll tell you not to waste my time.

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