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Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace



Posted May 6, 2016 by

Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace – 1996


Posted by Robby McMahan

Honest, lovely, smart. David Foster Wallace was the 800-pound gorilla of his generation of writers, could do whatever he wanted and proceeded to do it. Thank Goodness we got to go along on this ride. Infinite Jest is like a marvelous moving sidewalk that you just have to jump on to. Once you regain your balance, you’re amazed at how deftly Wallace weaves together seemingly unrelated story lines and brings them to the point of convergence. The reader is carried along with sparkling dialogue, acrobatic imagination and a sprawling intellect that fascinates with the breadth of knowledge displayed.

Set in a dystopian, Bostonian future that is eerily contemporary, DFW dismantles consumerism, politics and power, the illusion of morality, spirituality, class distinctions and the insatiable “North American” appetite for entertainment, (in various forms.) The pieces are neatly laid out for inspection and reflection and reveal new relationships in their arrangement.

Wallace, in turn, blows your mind, breaks your heart and grosses you out. Surrender and enjoy, (even though, in real life, the author could not.)


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