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Eureka Street – Robert McLiam Wilson



Posted September 1, 2016 by

Eureka Street – Robert McLiam Wilson – 1996


Reviewed by: Tim      Date: 3 January 2003

EurekaSt While not always the easiest of reading, at its best this book is brilliant. Set in Nineties Belfast, as an ex-Belfaster I found it particularly appealing: the streets and places are mostly real, and it’s easy to transport oneself to the world of the novel’s characters. The mix of romance, comedy, aburdity & tragedy come together for a roller-coaster read, but with a kind of humanity shining through. Loved the OTG thing, and the satirical takes on recognizable “types” of citizen-including some well-aimed swipes at Republican hypocrisy, moronic Prod “hard-men” & lazy journalism. But read the book for the real heroes… When I got to the end I wanted a Eureka Street II !

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