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Diary of a Madman and Other Stories – Nikolay Gogol



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Diary of a Madman and Other Stories – Nikolay Gogol – 1842

Reviewed by: Liliana Rodriguez Maynez               Date: 15 April 2003

In my opinion, Gogol is a master of the short stories. They are very well written (of course, I read the English translation), they have an interesting perspective on human situations (what I mean with this is that his stories are not just stories, they are more of a human representation of certain feelings: anguish, madness, sense of belonging, etc.). I really enjoyed the three stories but I would not recommend The Diary of a Madman if you are going through a tough ride in life. It is very easy to become “involved” with the character.

“The Overcoat” was another good story which developed some strong feelings in me for the main character. I felt so sorry for him and I kind of understood him.

As for “The Nose”, it is a really funny story trying to be a serious strange topic. A really superficial man wakes up one day without his nose!! During breakfast he cuts his muffin and… there it is! I laughed a lot.


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