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A Jest of God – Margaret Laurence



Posted September 1, 2016 by

A Jest of God – Margaret Laurence – 1966


Reviewed by: Lale       Date: 3 December 2002

jestofgodI liked this book a lot. It is my first Margaret Laurence book, I will definitely read more of her works from now on. At the end of my copy of the book (McClelland & Stewart Inc. – The Canadian Publishers) there is an afterword by the other most famous Margaret in Canada, Margaret Atwood. I scanned in Margaret Atwood’s comments and I am putting them here, hopefully they will encourage you to read A Jest of God. (I took out a small portion of the afterword that contained spoilers, so you can read it safely. There is a reason why it was at the end of the book.)

jestofgod1 jestofgod2

jestofgod3 jestofgod4


A Jest of God (Phoenix Fiction)
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