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A Christmas Memory – Truman Capote



Posted October 15, 2016 by

A Christmas Memory – Truman Capote – 1956


Reviewed by: Gretchen     Date: 6 January 2005

Anyone who has had the blessing of having a grandparent that lived through the depression may find this story resonating with their childhood memories of simpler times.

You can almost smell the heady scent of dried fruit batter in an oven you needed to strike a long match under to light.

Visions of pans collecting water under iceboxes, tiny print aprons covering generous bosoms and frosty rippled window panes are painted in soft rich hues that fond memories are made of.

It harks back to a simpler time, when people really believed that their fruitcakes will indeed be eaten by a US president (and probably was).

When special foods were only available a certain time of year, marking the season and the passing of time, and you knew that everyone would have the same stuffs as you did and share the same joy in the bounty.

“The characters were related but looked at each other as individuals sharing a special love for each other and the season. They are rich for the experiences they share, not the circumstances within which they live.”

A wonderful escape read to snuggle up with. Should be read to the children after “The Night Before Christmas”.

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