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The Prague Cemetery – Umberto Eco

The Prague Cemetery – Umberto Eco – 2010 Posted by Sterling on 12/10/2012, 22:51:01, Actually, I don’t know if I’m going to reveal any spoilers or not. At the moment I have some random thoughts that do n...

The Monk (Lewis) / Seven Gothic Tales (Blixen)- Matthew Gregory Lewis

The Monk – Matthew Gregory Lewis – 1796 Seven Gothic Tales – Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) – 1934 Posted by guillermo maynez on 30/10/2013, 17:31:49 I’ve turned Gothic after reading these two books. ...


The Tapestries – Kien Nguyen

The Tapestries – Kien Nguyen – 2003 Posted by guillermo maynez on 22/7/2014, 13:21:20 Following several of your recommendations on books about Vietnam / Cambodia / Laos, I have recently read “The Tapestries...

A Suitable Boy- Vikram Seth

A Suitable Boy – Vikram Seth – 1993 Posted by Steven on 18/4/2009, 21:37:30 Here is an unexpected link between one of our novels and today’s news: A Suitable Boy is set in India shortly after its independence ...


The Slynx- Tatyana Tolstaya

The Slynx – Tatyana Tolstaya – 2007 Posted by Steven on 22/1/2013, 9:46:28 It’s an unusual book in that it starts out as a satire like a post-apocalyptic Animal Farm. But midway through the novel, its plot beg...

Skios – Michael Frayn

Skios – Michael Frayn – 2012 Posted by Lale on 21/4/2013, 10:43:17                                          I am half-way through Skios and it is fun. It would make a fun movie, of course. And similar ones have been...


Sister Carrie – Theodore Dreiser

Sister Carrie – Theodore Dreiser – 1900 Posted by Lale on 19/5/2015, 10:19:52 I am now reading another book which promises to be a favourite of mine (I hope I am not speaking too soon, because I am only at the begin...

The Sense of an Ending – Julian Barnes

The Sense of an Ending – Julian Barnes – 2011 Posted by Lale on 6/2/2012, 9:24:45 I was disappointed. I did not think that this book was remarkable in any way. Maybe because neither Veronica, nor her mother had any ...


The Return of the Soldier – Rebecca West

The Return of the Soldier – Rebecca West – 1918 Posted by guillermo maynez on 21/4/2014, 12:19:48 This short novella (90 pages in the Penguin Classics edition) by Rebecca West is wonderful!! It is a war novel that t...

Recollections of Things to Come (Los recuerdos del porvenir) – Elena Garro

Recollections of Things to Come (Los recuerdos del porvenir) – Elena Garro – 1963 Posted by Guillermo Maynez on 8/12/2012, 11:47:15 Remembrance/Recollections of Things to Come I finished last night, and I thought it...