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Jude the Obscure – A Synopsis by Lale Eskicioğlu


Posted December 3, 2016 by

Jude the Obscure – Thomas Hardy – 1895

A synopsis by Lale Eskicioglu

Phillotson the schoolmaster moves to Christminster.

Jude moves to Alfredston to earn money.

Jude meets Arabella, they get married and move to Alfredston.

Arabella moves out, she moves in with her parents and they later move to Australia.

Jude moves to Christminster.

Sue had already moved to London and then back to Christminster.

Phillotson had moved to Lumsdon.

Sue moves to Lumsdon.

Jude moves to Marygreen.

Sue moves to Melchester.

Jude moves to Melchester.

Arabella moves back to England and moves about: London, Christminster etc.

Sue moves, temporarily, to a town near Shaston.

Phillotson moves to Shaston.

Sue marries Phillotson and she moves to Shaston.

Jude thinks of moving to Christminster but stays in Melchester.

Arabella moves to Lambeth.

Sue and Jude move to Aldbrickham.

Sue and Jude move about for two and a half years.

They finally move to Kennetbridge.

Phillotson moves to Marygreen.

Sue, Jude and their children move to Christminster.

Sue moves out.

Arabella’s father moves from Australia to Alfredston.

Arabella moves in with him.

Sue moves to Marygreen and remarries Phillotson.

Arabella coaxes Jude to remarry him. They move out of her father’s house.

Jude dies.

Lale Eskicioglu


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