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Posted December 8, 2016 by

Create a 100-word micro story.
This is how it works: We give you the first fifteen words. You fill in the remaining eighty-five words to create a hundred-word micro story.
1. You may not change the provided title, the first 15 words, or the punctuation. Your story must, semantically and grammatically match what is given.
2. You may not add more than 85 words. The entire story must be exactly 100 words.
3. It must be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
4. Content deemed offensive by the ReadLit Team will not be accepted.
5. Multiple submissions are welcome.

The Right Angle

I knew she was lurking in there, but whichever way I tilted the mirror, she…

One contribution

  1. kitchap writes:

    I knew she was lurking in there, but whichever way I tilted the mirror she blended in so well with the shrubbery I couldn’t detect her. What on earth drove her to such extremes?
    It was just after I married Julia when the feeling of being watched started and that was nearly twenty years ago. Julia dismisses my claims and tells me I’m imagining it, that It’s a figment of my imagination but I know. I know being a retired bird-scarer at London airport entailed mastering the art of lurking with intent. It’s her bloody mother.

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